"Viking Glass - Her Blue Orchid"
by Preston Ver Meer

“The Blue Orchid” is a one of a kind Vase made from 1970 Epic Vase Mold.

Here is the Story from Dean Six's “Viking Glass” Book:

Epic Drape “Headache” vase. Bluenique vase with plate etched Paden City Orchid on the side. This complex object combines a depression era Plate etching (Paden City Glass) on a 60’s era form and color from a distinctly different company (Viking), proving the traveling nature of product development. A wonderfully neat object that represents a historian’s or author’s worst possible headache to explain.

Dean Six

The Rest Of The Story!

It was found in the estate of a former Viking Employee by the name of Winland. I am sorry I can not recall his first name. He made the vase and then took it over to a man by the name of Brown who worked in the Etching Department of the Viking plant. Mr. Brown had been an employee of the old Paden City Glassworks before it closed and then moved up to Viking to secure employment. Mr. Winland wanted to gift the vase to his wife for a special occasion and asked Mr. Brown to please etch something special on it for him. He determined that Mrs. Winland liked flowers so he etched the Paden City Orchid pattern into the vase for her. It was his favorite pattern to etch when he worked for Paden City.

It became one of Mrs. Winland's prized possessions and after she passed on her son sold it to me because he was not one to appreciate glassware. He told me the story about how his father had it made especially for his mother. She had always referred to it as "Her Blue Orchid." So that is how the Headache Vase came to be. Dean Six named it that in the book for he could not figure out how the Viking piece ended up with that Paden City etching and I never had the time to relate the story to him. Thus it caused him a headache to even try to figure it out. I have always referred to it as "The Blue Orchid" as did Mrs. Winland for to me, that is the perfect name....Jill Spencer

Now A Viking Art Glass Collection Piece!

I recently bought this vase from Jill. I loved the story and will change the name to “Her Blue Orchid”. I feel honored to own such a one of a kind piece....and the vase is in the hands of someone who can sure appreciate the quality and beauty. The vase was in the Epic line in the 1970 Viking Catalog.

In the catalog it was included in the Epic Drape patterns, but it does not have the Drape. It was shown only in the 1970 Catalog. The 1971 Catalog showed only the Epic Drape pattern with this base.

Thanks For Sharing, Jill & The Winland’s

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