"The 45 Year Old Epic #1310 Long Tailed Bird is Scarce in Many Colors!"
by Preston Ver Meer

The 45 Year Old Epic #1310 Long Tailed Bird Was
First Introduced in a 1963 Viking Glass Supplement Catalog!

The 13 Inch Long Tailed Persimmon Epic Bird was shown in the 1964 Viking Catalog on Page 6. It was shown with the smaller #1311 Epic Bird. This larger #1310 Epic Bird is far more elusive than the shorter #1311 Epic Bird. The #1311 was produced all during Viking's tenure.

The 1964 Viking Price Guide says this Bird was made in Avocado, Bluenique, Honey (Amber), Persimmon, Ruby and Crystal. I do not have the Crystal and I have never seen one. These Large Birds sold for $5.00 in 1964.

I have heard of these Birds being over 14 Inches Tall!

As far as I know there is no 1965 Viking Catalog only the 1965 Viking Catalog supplement which is a 4 Page Folder. None of the Viking Birds are shown in this folder.

Many of these #1310 Epic Birds push the 14 inch measurement. The tallest I have are 13 5/8 inches. The Ruby Red Bird (Above) on the Right is a very Scarce item and sold for over $250 dollars back in the late 90’s and early 2000. One sold for just under $100 last fall on Ebay. I would have to rank this 13 inch Epic Bird as one of the top items in my over 3000 piece collection.

The next scarce item in this Bird is the Evergreen. Evergreen was first produced in a short stint from 1949 to 1953. I have no clue at this time when this Evergreen Bird was made but it has to be pretty scarce. I have only seen 2 in 10 years and I know who has the other one.

The 1964 Viking Catalog list shows it made in Crystal but I have not seen one.

I would have to say the Bluenique one is next in line and highly collectible. The Tall #1310 Bluenique Epic Bird was shown on Page 4 of the 1970 Viking Catalog. They made the #1311 Epic Bird in “Vaseline” in 1970, but the #1310 was not shown made in Vaseline. The large Bluenique Birds show up once in awhile on Ebay but not lately. I have seen them at Glass Shows priced well over $100 each.

The Epic #1310 Amethyst Long Tail Epic Bird may Exist!
BUT! I have my doubts! It was never shown in the Viking Line!

There was an Amethyst 12 inch Epic Bird sold, in October of 2006, on Ebay, but it did not look like the 3 inch base and someone may have guessed the measurements. If there is a Amethyst #1310 Epic Bird I would have to say it is scarce.

This Large Persimmon #1310 is no easy Bird to come by and adds Awesome Mass and Colors to the Epic Bird Collection!

The 13 Inch Long Tailed Persimmon Epic Bird was shown in the 1964 Viking Catalog on Page 6. This is a very large Bird I have pictured, reaching 12 3/4 inches, one of my largest.

I prefer to have the tail as straight up as I can get them to help match the entire collection. Length of the tail may be entering the picture as far as price. It seems the taller and straighter the higher the price.

Persimmon is a fairly common Viking color but not so common in this Large 1310 Epic Bird. Some of these Large Birds can be found with the tail curved over pretty good. You have to remember they are hand made. How they ever got these tails to stand up straight is beyond me.

Avocado is not my favorite color but in this Massive Bird it adds a touch of class to the collection!

The 13 Inch Long Tailed #1310 was shown on Page 6 of the 1966 – 1967 Viking Catalog in Avocado. Again, this is a common Viking color, tough to find in this size. The January of 1968 Viking Price list showed the same colors as earlier but no reference to being made in Crystal. They were still all selling for $5.00. They were making the Special “Thistle” color this year but this Bird was not listed made in that color.

I wish Viking would have made the #1310 Large Epic Bird in the Vaseline and Thistle colors. They would have really added some Rare Colors to an already tough set to put together!

I also have this Bird, pictured in the Gallery, in the Satin Frost!

Last in the Lineup is the Amber color only because I have more of this color than any other.

The Amber #1310 was shown on Page 6 of the 1968 – 1969 Viking Catalog. The Large Birds were still listed in the January 1, 1970 Viking Catalog and Price list for $6.00 for the regular colors and $7.50 for the Ruby.

The 1971 Viking Catalog showed the Ruby #1310 on Page 3 and the January 1, 1971 Price List had the prices the same.

The 1972 Viking Catalog was the last Catalog to show the #1310 Epic Bird.

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